Review criteria

Scope of the Journal

  • Is the manuscript within the scope of the journal (match the journal's audience)?
  • Will clinicians/researchers in the field of bone and joint infection be interested in reading the publication of the manuscript?

Scientific accuracy

  • Are the reasons for performing the study and the study aims clear?
  • Are the methods to answer the study questions accurate?
  • Are the methods used to analyse the data statistically sound? (e.g., sample size appropriate, power analysis performed, correct statistical tests or suitable models, potential sources of bias considered)?
  • Are experiments adequately conducted to answer the study question?
  • Are the results analysed and interpreted correctly?
  • Do the results support the authors' conclusions?


  • Why is the study question and the conduction of the study important?
  • Will the results advance the field of bone and joint infection?
  • How novel are the findings?
  • In what context should the novelty of the manuscript be viewed?

Composition of the manuscript

  • Does the manuscript fit together well?
  • Are the most important findings summarized in the abstract?
  • Does the introduction illustrates the background of the study question clearly?
  • Are methods and results well described and presented?
  • Are study findings with the findings of other studies adequately compared? (including current knowledge, key references)
  • Are the limitations of the study noted?
  • Are the conclusions appropriate and balanced in wording and tone?
  • Do the study's results potentially influence future research?


  • Is the manuscript written well and easy to read?
  • Does the title accurately say what the study was about?
  • Are there sections that can be made more concise?
  • Is there a logic and conclusive flow of sentences and arguments?