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Journal of Bone and Joint Infection An open-access journal of the European Bone and Joint Infection Society and the MusculoSkeletal Infection Society
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Submit your manuscript

First steps

Before the submission of your manuscript to the Editorial Support for peer review, you are kindly requested to do the following:

File submission for review process

After the manuscript registration, you are kindly asked to upload those files which are necessary for the peer-review process. The following files are required:

  • the abstract as plain text pasted into the upload form where requested;
  • the complete manuscript (title, authors, affiliations, abstract, text, tables, figures) as a *.pdf file in portrait format. Data sets, model code, video supplements, or other assets to your manuscript should be submitted to a reliable repository receiving a DOI, cited in your manuscript, and included in your reference list. Reviewers can then access these relevant sources.

Other possible review files include the following:

  • If you have supplementary material to your manuscript which does not meet the above-mentioned criteria to be hosted by a reliable repository, you can submit your supplement as a *.zip archive or single *.pdf file. The overall file size of such a supplement is limited to 50 MB. Larger supplements have to be submitted to a reliable data repository in any case receiving a DOI, cited in your manuscript, and included in your reference list.
  • The author's response in case of "minor" or "major" revisions must be submitted as one separate *.pdf file (indicating page and line numbers), structured in a clear and easy-to-follow sequence: (1) comments from referees, (2) author's response, and (3) author's changes in manuscript. Regarding author's changes, a marked-up manuscript version (track changes in Word, latexdiff in LaTeX) converted into a *.pdf including the author's response must be provided.

File submission for production process

After the acceptance of a manuscript, you will be informed by email and are kindly asked to complete the file upload for the publication production process. Then, please submit the following files:

  • the actual text followed by the table(s) and figure caption(s) prepared in the way as outlined in the manuscript preparation as one file in LaTeX (as a *.tex file) or MS Word format (as a *.doc/*.docx file). Although initials are used in reference lists, please use full first names on the title page;
  • all figures, numbered (e.g. f01, f02, ..., f11) and prepared in the way as outlined in the manuscript preparation, as one *.zip archive. Possible figure formats are *.pdf, *.ps, *.eps, *.jpg, *.png, *.tif, and *.gif.

During this file upload you are asked to (a) define your assets (optional) and (b) include a short summary. Assets are data sets, model code, or video supplements corresponding to your manuscript and should be submitted to a reliable repository including the receipt of a DOI and the citation in your manuscript. A short summary is a 500-character (incl. spaces) non-technical text that may be used to promote your work to a broader audience. It should highlight your main conclusions and results, and what the implications are. If possible, please also summarize briefly why you did the research and how you did it.

Remark on file sizes

Authors are kindly asked to find the best balance between quality of figures (and submitted material) and overall file size. Individual figures should not exceed 5 MB, and the overall size of all submitted files excluding supplements should not exceed 30 MB.

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